Business and Promotional Video Portrait- Health Coach and Personal Trainer Cameron Nell

It was an honor to travel to Sydney, Australia to shoot this promotional video for Cam.

He was generous enough to host us during the filming days and that allowed us to know more of his personal life as well. The walk on the beach and the cooking scenes in this video were actually filmed during our “down times” and we must admit, Cam is an amazing chef!

To create a truly powerful business video for him it was important for us  to make sure we included footage from one on one sessions with Cam as well interviews with people we coaches and with people he trains. We often don’t know what the people we interview will say about our clients so it was a very touching experience to see how much Cam’s clients love and respect him. That’s why, the outtakes at the end, had to become a part of the video. Cam’s relationship with the people he works with is so laid back and comfortable, it certainly made us wish we could train with him too.

We had a lot of fun filming his own training session as we kept asking him to do different exercises on different machines and ended up experiencing a little bit of what a personal trainer does.

This was Cam’s first reaction, once the video was finished:

“ohhhh I just watched it and got goose bumps!!  I am so grateful that you were able to capture me and how people experience me… oh i love the out takes at the end too!!”

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