Florist-Local Business Intro Video

Ann Cunniffe is the owner and founder of Purple Magnolia Floral Design and she asked me to her her create an business intro video for her website. She wanted the intro video to be brief but powerful. She wanted her clients to get a feel for her personality, her vision and approach to flowers.

Intro Video: How We Filmed

I had the pleasure of tagging along with her to a styled shoot for some behind the scenes clips and as you could see, it was quite a spectacular location. We also filmed an indoor interview where I got to ask Ann some typical questions a client would ask. She got a chance to share her answers on camera in a relaxed and conversational manner, just like she is when she does what she loves. You’ll see that we also included some photos from her portfolio that flow quite nicely into the edited intro video.

To get the best of the time Ann invested in sharing her work with the world, we used the time of the interview as an opportunity to get some promotional photography. I really enjoyed capturing both photography and video of Ann while she was creating a gorgeous floral arrangement. And as if that wasn’t reward enough…I got to keep it at the end of the shoot 🙂

weding florist charleston sc photographed by Diana Deaver

One of the benefits of working with Third Wing Video and Photo Productions is that we can handle both your photography and video needs. Having both done by the same professional makes your website and marketing efforts more cohesive.

Please visit to see more of our work with still images.

business intro video charleston sc weding florist harleston sc photographed by Diana Deaver weding florist harleston sc photographed by Diana Deaverbusiness intro video and headshots by Diana Deaver

Ann is a true artist when it comes to understanding how to combine color, shape and design to create the most eye pleasing floral arrangements and bouquets. Check out her website if you’d like to see more of her gorgeous work.

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